Myrland Stables offers lay-ups and therapy for injured horses or maintenance for competing horses. Pain or stiffness can easily lead to fear and inability of doing any task during the day. Without redressal of pain and stiffness, the time taken for rehabilitation becomes even longer or leads the horse to develop a phobia that restricts their movements and activity. Making them unable to perform to their highest ability. Below is a list of the available therapies we offer. Our therapist is on site daily and is also the stable manager. Alicia May is a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist with certifications and experience in all the following therapies. 

EquiSports Massager

 The EquiSports Massager is large massager designed for horses with multiple intensity levels to accomadate each horse comfortably. Below are the benefits of this product: 

  • Relaxation and reduction of tension

  • Improved circulation, both blood and lymph

  • Stimulate the horses natural self-regulatory capability

  • Increase body's energy flow

  • Soothing with overall sense of well-being

  • Can be used to warm up the horse

Electro- Acupressure

Electro- Acupressure is a non-invasive form of acupuncture. It combines modern science and technology with ancient knowledge of massage, energy meridians, and acupoints. 

  • Relieves Tension & Pain

  • Non-invasive 

  • Increased motion & function

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Stimulates Acupoints and Meridians

Massage Therapy

Equine Sports Massage is the application of soft tissue manipulation in order to achieve release of tension, spasm, and reduce pain in muscle group areas. Regular treatments can also prevent injury through detecting problems in the early stages before they are able to develop further. It also aids in recovery and proper range of motion after an injury. If you enjoy a massage I bet your horse will too!


Microlief is FDA approved microcurrent science and technology. The Microlief unit consists of one Microcurrent Power Supply snapped on to one pair of Microcurrent Electrode Patches. The Electrodes are specifically designed to transmit the mild electrical current generated by the Microcurrent Power Supply. Microleif treatments start at 12 hours and can stay on up to 5 days! Call to order your microlief kit today!

Ice - Vibe

The Ice- Vibe boots are rechargeable vibrating boots. They combine the effects off cooling and massage therapy. The massage effect helps to stimulate the lymph system to remove soreness and swelling as well as improving circulation. Ice- Vibe boots are used for:

  • Strains 

  • Ligaments

  • Tendon damage

  • Increase Circulation

  • Pre/post workout

  • Arthritis 

(Knee, Hock, & Leg boots available.)

Magna Wave

Magna wave is a P.E.M.F. (pulse electromagnetic field) machine that helps relieve horse’s pain from sore muscles, and joints, and restores healthy cell function for a faster recovery. Magna Wave is one of the most revolutionary forms of therapy for people and animals. P.E.M.F. Therapy helps eliminate pain medicines, injections, and  can even prevent resulting to surgery.

     It has the science and success stories to back its reputation. It is used by many successful horses and athletes in the equine industry such as Triple Crown winners, National Finals Rodeo horses, and even Olympic horses. Set up your appointment today for your horse, your dog, or yourself! 

Relieves Equine Arthritis

  • Faster Recovery From Performance Stress

  • Helps Soft Tissue Injuries and Muscle Soreness

  • Hoof Abscess and Stone Bruises

  • Increases endurance 

  • Improves Performance


Does your horse cough, sneeze, or even bleed after a hard work out or race? Equi- Resp is an equine nebulizer to help treat and prevent respiratory problems for horses during daily activities or competition. Many medications and even essential oils are used to treat horses accordingly, such as Silver and Eucalyptus oil. Below are a few benefits of Equi-Resp:

  • Asthma

  • Bleeders

  • Allergies & Colds

  • Pre- Race/ Post-Race

  • Respiratory infections

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